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These are the Property Management Companies that help Landlords the most in 2022

Real EstateThese are the Property Management Companies that help Landlords the most in 2022

Whether to hire a Property Manager Company or not is the dilemma faced by many landlords when they enter the real estate market to finally get their properties in the listings. While some landlords wouldn’t even dream of entering the market without a trusted Property Management Company by their side, most of the landlords cannot escape the “I’ll find one myself!” mindset. But having a trusted and credible Property Management Company can be the final step that any landlord needs to land the ultimate deal for their property, providing an easy path through the hassle of real estate proceedings.

What exactly is a Property Management Company?

A Property Management Company is a third party, other than the property owner and the buyer. These companies can be hired by both owners or buyers and act as a mediator between the two parties for a smooth deal, ensuring an economic deal considering the value of the property and market trends. When hired by the landlords, their job is to:

  • find a potential property as per the needs and specifications of the buyer or present the property as appealing as possible in case of owners
  • aid, assist, and advice the home buyer during the deal of a property
  • and help the buyer/owner with the proceedings after the deal is finalized.

The overall role of a Property Management Company is to maintain a property so it stays appealing to the buyers, oversee operations of real estate assets of their clients and deal with any questions that the home buyers might have. Property management companies also assist with tenant-related affairs for home renters.

Why are Property Management Companies suddenly so popular with Landlords in 2022?

The start of 2022 marked the eventual end of the COVID from most parts of the world. The end of the pandemic led to a boom in all kinds of business and real estate business is also one of those that benefited greatly from this ordeal. According to Danielle Hale, an economist, home sales are expected to increase 6.6% as compared to 2021. A gradual increase in mortgage rates has led to more and more realtors looking for affordable property. But affordable deals are a rarity when it comes to real estate especially if you are new to the market. Property Management Companies take this burden off the shoulders of newer landlords and provide them with the right direction, assistance, and advice that they need to secure the deal of their lifetime.

How to Pick the Right Property Management Company for your Needs?

Picking the right Property Management firm is just as crucial as picking the reality itself. When going for a Property Management Company, the first place to usually look is the real estate market itself. The market is full of companies all promising new landlords with the most tempting deals. Also, the company with the most credibility is usually the one with the most satisfied clients. Therefore, you should always pick a company that has a good public image and credibility, proper license, and great experience to manage your estate deal with professionalism and trust.

Best Property Management Companies

We looked at dozens of Property Management Firms and ranked them based on their real estate industry exposure, their market reputation and credibility, specialty services and client specialization. Here are our top picks.

Funnel Leasing | www.funnelleasing.com

Funnel leasing is our top pick for Property Listings and Management services with their CRM providing buyer-centric leasing and communication services that empower buyers into economical and efficient leasing. Their client friendly approach and customer services make them the most affordable and go to company for landlords.

 Lincoln Property Company |www.lincolnapts.com

Lincoln Property Management Company is one of the most reputable property dealers in the market. They have all the necessary resources to aid you in finding the property of your dreams. Lincoln Property Company emphasizes customer service and views its clients through the lens of client care and recognition.

Greystar | www.greystar.com

Greystar is one of globally renowned Property Management Firms that has a wide variety of services for property owners, buyers and rentals alike. Their process driven approach fits right for their “Beyond Expectations” motto.

BH Management Services | www.bhmanagement.com

Resident attracting programs and buyer focused approach has made BH Management one of the most popular choices of Management companies for managing your residential properties.


Finally, it can be said that Asset and Property Management Companies have a big role in the real estate market. Not only can these companies help you in securing an economical deal, but they can also guide you in the right direction so that you are satisfied and content with the proceedings. Therefore, having a credible and experienced firm by your side will definitely ease the real estate journey for new and experienced landlords alike.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No BT journalist is involved in creation of this content.

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