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How Savir Suda Grew As An Online Entrepreneur 

EntrepreneurHow Savir Suda Grew As An Online Entrepreneur 

At 16 years old, Savir Suda became an online entrepreneur because of his dedication to living a life without constraints. While many people, especially in his immediate environment, saw his age as a challenge to running two businesses, he saw it as a strength. 

One of his companies is a social media agency, while the other is a YouTube automation business called Triad Global Media (TGM). Their goal with this company is to build a media empire with more than 500 cash-flowing automated YouTube channels.

Now, he managed to work with almost 200 clients within one year and helped them build their automated YouTube channels. He also reached his goal of earning $200,000 in revenue during his first year in business.

In his years as an online entrepreneur, Savir Suda learned three relevant values that helped his growth as an individual and a businessman: patience, ethics, and knowledge. 

Patience Is A Virtue

Savir Suda believes that many people underestimate the relevance of patience in running a business. But he’s not one of those people. Aside from teaching him how to take success step by step to ensure efficiency, patience also grounded him in his goals. 

He shared that there were times during his young entrepreneurship journey when he wanted to quit because the results he expected didn’t occur immediately. 

“That’s when I realized nothing could is achievable without a high level of patience. You need to keep going and need to keep working towards your goals. Be patient with the results. Don’t quit. Remember why you got started in the first place,” he said. 

Ethics In Business 

In his line of business, Savir deals with clients daily. Apart from his company’s service, he needs to maintain a commendable image among his market. 

After watching other entrepreneurs conduct a less-than-acceptable approach to business, he promised to steer clear of them and their actions. 

“Morals come first. Always be ethical and deliver what you promise to your customers. You should never deceive your customers. You will not get away with it,” he explained. 

Knowledge Is Power 

Savir doesn’t hide the fact that he joined a mentorship program to learn more about the business and the industry. He even encourages others to work with mentors because they offer knowledge and experience that prove invaluable in any sector. 

“I quickly learned that knowledge is power, and those who have it and can take action can reach any level of success they desire. That is why I am constantly educating myself with books, mentorships, masterminds, etc.,” he shared. 

Visit @youtubesavir on Instagram to learn more about Savir Suda. 


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