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How Alexander VanScoyk Independently owns and operated EVOZ Ventures

EntrepreneurHow Alexander VanScoyk Independently owns and operated EVOZ Ventures

Alexander(Xander) VanScoyk independently owns and operates EVOZ Ventures.

Alexander has a proven track record of success as an Angel syndicate in healthcare, and healthcare tech that he executed 47 separate deals, with revenues over over 70 million, and sold them separately or merged the majority in a mergers and acquisitions process.

He hired, recruited and managed 1500 employees that were all successful in mergers and acquisitions.

Xander believes in the future of Blockchain Technology companies, and is eager to find life changing technology, changing the world we live in with a focus on third world countries in LATAM, Miami, Bermuda, Bali, Los Angels, and Arizona.

XANDER is currently focused on investing in blockchain technology companies changing the world through a in venture studio model both local and virtual.

Alexander has a passion for start ups changing lives and non profit/foundations Alexander had a non-profit hospice, lived in Brazil for 3 years for a no profit and is currently focused on investments/partnership in LATAM

Xander’s mission is to invest into 1000 companies in South America and change 100 million lives with Evoz Venture studio, Evoz venture studio provides education, incubation, acceleration and consolidation/M&A through different co-hort parters and the portolfio of companies.

is investing into 15 early stage blockchain projects from March 2022-March 2023 with 100-200k for a 10-15% equity.

He currently has 3 companies in his accelerator doing 40-50 million in revenue, needing help with scaling and operations. This will be the main focus of Evoz for the next 5 years. Evoz will have main operation partners and working capital to help them have the highest chance for success.

He is helping founders that have had a successful exit, scale their next venture in the tech world, adopting Web 3 as an angel investor. EVOZ Ventures’s incubator, is investing 100-200k, 10-12% in early stage projects, partnered with Near Protocol, and Algorand. Xander’s mission is to lead pre-seed technology companies “doing good” in the world of blockchain technology.

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