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5 Keys to Effective Communication To Position Your Product by Julio Domenech

Entrepreneur5 Keys to Effective Communication To Position Your Product by Julio Domenech

5 Keys to Effective Communication To Position Your Product

You have a great idea, an innovative product that can bring great benefits to a significant number of potential customers, that can improve people’s lives and also do so at a relatively low cost compared to the benefits that can be obtained. It sounds wonderful, but you only have one small drawback: You haven’t come up with an effective way to communicate it. There are many platforms, but the message does not seem to have the desired impact, so what can you do to improve its acceptance? Here are some simple keys that will help you achieve a better positioning of your product.
Know your potential customers: This knowledge must be exhaustive, radical. You must keep in mind that the key to sell your idea is to understand the psychology of your potential customers: You must get inside their heads, know what they want, what they need, what they are willing to give in exchange for a product that meets their expectations. If you do so, this can even give a greater boost to your innovation, identifying those qualities of your product that will be decisive when your customers make a purchase decision and implementing the necessary improvements.


  1. Total confidence in your product’s capability:

    Many great ideas, including those of great business leaders, are not easily implemented. However, there are a few elements that are key to a successful launch: having full confidence in the benefits the product offers and knowing how to frame it within the needs of your target market. If you can establish this link between the existing need and the capacity of your product to satisfy it, the chances of success are greater. Of course, you must communicate with absolute certainty that your product is what your customers really need.

  2. Design a message for each segment:

    When selling an idea, many people make the mistake of trying to offer multiple benefits to a wide variety of customers with different needs and characteristics. This can be problematic because the message is either difficult to digest or lacks credibility. Not all customers are the same, so try to segment your clientele and use a different and very specific message for each segment. You need to focus on simplicity of message and telling your customers exactly what they need to know. An idea communicated with excessive information is more difficult to accept.

  3. Build a relationship with the customer:

    Let your potential customers know that this is not about a simple business transaction, but about establishing a long-lasting mutually beneficial relationship. In this sense, there must be a commitment that you will attend to any of their concerns, emphasizing service, the search for full satisfaction and maximum quality. A fatal mistake is to try to position a product in social networks and not attend in a timely manner to the doubts that may arise regarding what you are promoting.

  4. Take advantage of successful experiences:

    Obviously, many voices are more persuasive than one, so the customers you have managed to consolidate can be your greatest allies in a communication strategy because they give credibility to your product. Lean on the experiences of your customers, use their testimonials as they can become the most effective advertising. On the other hand, you should not be afraid of critical opinions either, as they will indicate opportunities for improvement.

  5. Innovation is rarely accepted without resistance.

    Therefore, to sell your ideas, the first thing to consider is the psychology behind the market’s resistance to new product offerings. If you achieve the necessary empathy with your potential customers, the chances of acceptance will be greater. Try these communication keys that I leave you here and promote your product more effectively, also remember that in my blog you will find other useful tips that will make you and your business grow. If you need to go deeper into this topic, do not hesitate to write me, remember that I will be happy to support you.

Julio Domenech

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